Providing for your retirement has never been more important. People are living longer and leading increasingly sophisticated lifestyles all of which cost money. The most tax efficient method of saving for your retirement is still through a pension plan.

Choosing the correct pension plan to meet your specific needs, and the investment advice around how, when, and where your monies are invested are crucial decisions in establishing your final retirement income.

We will help you decide on:

  • When do I start
  • When can I retire
  • Where do I invest
  • What asset class is best for me
  • What tax relief is available
  • What type of plan do I need

Personal Pension Plans:

A personal pension plan is a private pension policy that is managed for you by a life assurance Company or investment firm in order to provide benefits at retirement. This is an ideal plan for the self employed or for people who work in non-pensionable employment



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