Self Directed Pension Plans and PRSA’s

A Standard Personal Retirement Savings Account (PRSA) is similar to a personal pension but with a fixed charging structure no matter which Company you choose to use. It is extremely flexible and portable and provides you with a very tax efficient method of accumulating a retirement fund.

Many of the “old rules” have been simplified in the PRSA making it an easy to understand contract. You can choose the amount you can afford when you can afford it.

Contributions are invested into funds you choose and are allowed to grow tax free while in the PRSA fund. As a result the value of your fund grows a lot faster than many other types of savings and investments.

Tax relief is available up to the highest rate of tax you pay and to a maximum annual limit depending on you age.

25% of your final fund at retirement is paid to you tax free and you can retire your fund anytime between 60 and 75

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